Bible Reading

Join us in the reading of the Sacred Scriptures, Bethel Edition via Google Drive Download!

The Bethel Edition features include: Restoration of the Sacred Name and the sacred titles to the English text of the Old Testament, as well as returning the Name of Yahshua the Messiah, our Redeemer, to the text of the New Testament, and elimination of Shakespearean English, which is no longer employed in modern usage.

We have tried to be faithful in rendering the original texts (as closely as we can return to them) and maintaining the strict majesty of expression as befits the Word of our Heavenly Father Yahweh and His Son, Yahshua the Messiah. We have not resorted to the modern, corrupt slang common in American English. While striving to make the text of the Bible more understandable for the modern reader, the majesty with which the Bible was written was not sacrificed, emphasizing our need to think of the Heavenly Father and Messiah on a higher level.

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