Correspondence Course

Dear Bible Student:

The purpose of the Correspondence Course is to acquaint you, as a sincere seeker after Bible Truth, with the sound teachings which are found in the inspired Scriptures. Each Correspondence Course has been written with the aim of giving you a better understanding of the Bible. The Assemblies of Yahweh rejects all human interpretations and allows the Bible to interpret itself.

As you study your Bible, you should do so prayerfully, asking the Heavenly Father to guide your thoughts, open your mind, and teach you His age-enduring Truths. This is the most important necessity in your Bible study. The lessons have been constructed to build upon each other. Therefore, the previous lessons must be completed in order to move forward with the remaining lessons. You may print the quizzes for a better study experience.

    Below are the steps for completing each lesson

    (Please be sure to read all instructions before proceeding):

  • Step 1: Register for this site to access all lessons and quizzes of the Correspondence Course. The Assemblies of Yahweh will never send you unsolicited emails or other communcations. We value your privacy.
  • Step 2: If you have already completed a previous lesson and would like to continue your lesson online, please contact us to request the password for your next lesson. If this is your first lesson, proceed to step 3.
  • Step 3: Open the link for Lesson One (located on the right side of this page). After taking ample time to study through the lesson material, click on the button below the lesson(s) to “Take the Quiz.” It is to your advantage to write down your answers before submitting for grading.
  • Step 4: After finishing Quiz One, a confirmation message will appear, and you will receive an email with your quiz results. If you score 70% or better, a password to access Lesson Two will appear. Move forward to Step 6.
  • Step 5: If you score below 70%, you must retake the quiz and score 70% or better before proceeding to the next lesson.(It is to your advantage to write down your answers prior to submitting for grading.)
  • Step 6: Read the confirmation email message fully. Write down the password and proceed to the next lesson on the Correspondence Course page.
  • Step 7: Continue with the remaining lessons.

    Lesson passwords may be changed from time to time, so we advise that you do not wait too long to access the next lesson. If the password that you were provided with does not work, please contact us to request the new password. Be sure to include the lesson number and your email address. We ask that you give us 1–5 business days to reply.

    We thank you for this opportunity to serve you and to show you some of the deep things which we have found in the Bible. We pray that our Heavenly Father Yahweh will show you the Truths which He has revealed in His Word, in the name of our Savior Yahshua the Messiah, HalleluYah.

    If questions arise in your mind which are not answered by the lesson subject material, feel free to contact us to request more information from our office.

    With Sincere Brotherly Love in Yahshua’s Name,

    The Assemblies of Yahweh