Quiz 1: The Basis of Our Faith

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    1. Specifically speaking, what is the Word of Yahweh?

      The Words of the ApostlesThe Jewish TalmudTheological InterpretationsThe actual quotations of the Heavenly Father as found in the Old Testament

    2. What does Yahshua the Messiah tell us is Truth?

      Nobody knowsThe Jewish TalmudThy Word—the Word of Almighty YahwehWhat is truth today may not be truth tomorrow

    3. Which Word did Paul tell Timothy to preach?

      The Psalms of DavidThe Old Testament ScripturesThe New Testament ScripturesThe writings of Paul

    4. Both the Old Testament Scriptures and Yahshua the Messiah in the New Testament give a remarkable description of the True Worshiper. What is it?

      One who attends church services regularlyOne who lives by every word which proceeds from the mouth of YahwehOne who becomes a monkOne who does not drink, smoke, or play cards

    5. How long will the Word of Yahweh stand and endure?

      As long as the earth remainsUntil Yahshua the Messiah died for usAs long as Israel was a nationForever, to time out of mind

    6. Where does Yahshua the Messiah say that eternal life may be found?

      In the Scriptures (the Old Testament)In the book of JasherIn the New Testament aloneIn the writings of the Apostolic Church

    7. What offensive weapon in the whole armor of Yahweh represents the Word of Yahweh?

      Iron sandalsLeather girdleThe angel army of YahwehThe sword of the Spirit

    8. In what place does the Apostle Paul inform us that we may find a saving Faith?

      The preaching of tent revival evangelistsThe Word of YahwehHoly Spirit anointingTheological seminars

    9. Which group of people did Yahweh select to preserve His Word?

      The PhilistinesThe GreeksThe AmericansThe Jews

    10. From which city will the Word of Yahweh be sent in the Millennium?


    11. Below write a brief explanation of the New Covenant.

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